November in Review

Our meeting was jam packed with great activities this month! Those attending enjoyed a demonstration of Nuno Felting. With a Power Point and in person demo members had a chance to get comfortable with the technique.

Along with the program, members participated in other activities which included a towel exchange, Spinning group and a Fiberworks learning/sharing session. They also had a fantastic Show & Tell and a chance to look at prize weavings from Ruth Jelks a prominent Sarasota resident and past guild member.

Saori & Sakiori Workshop

Friday, November 3, members of the Manasota Weavers gathered to explore the principles of Saori & Sakiori weaving. Robyn Becker presented information about the weaving theory and Becky Kobos assisted. Each participant chose a curated color “inspiration” bag filled with a variety of yarns supported by an picture and color palette chosen to generate imagination. Textures, colors and different weaving techniques were used to create a weaving on a warped foam core loom. Final color choices were individual and unique to each weaver creating exciting and interesting fabric as shown below. We had a wonderful time to sharing stories and weaving together.

We hope you’ll join us at the next Friday workshop on January 5th where we’ll explore weaving on unusual looms. Sign-ups will be available at the guild meeting on November 11th.


Through monthly meetings, study groups and special workshops, Manasota Weavers Guild offers our members a range of opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills. We welcome new weavers and spinners and provide instruction and mentorship. Our members also promote awareness and appreciation of the fiber arts through a variety of community outreach programs.

Membership in the Guild is open to anyone interested in the arts of loom weaving, tapestry, spinning, knitting, basketry and related fiber arts.