2023 Workshop: Lace Weaves and the Rainbow Connection with Robyn Spady

Lace weaves AND color in one workshop???!!!  What could be more satisfying?  Traditionally, lace weaves are woven with the same yarn in the warp and weft.  But, no more!  Applying color in different ways can transform a simple lace threading into a versatile warp that can be manipulated in different ways with additional colors to create amazing fabrics.  In this class, application of color in different lace weaves, such as Huck, Atwater-Bronson, and Swedish lace will be explored.  Participants will pre-warp their loom from a small set of different lace threadings.  They will also explore the fundamentals of lace weaves and color and strategies for combining the two.  Four-shaft loom minimum; eight shafts recommended.  (Note:  This is not a round-robin workshop.)

Level:  Intermediate to Advanced (and adventure-seeking beginners)
Cost: $193
Materials fee: $15 
Dates:  February 8-10, 2023
Location: Clara’s club house
Time: 9 AM – 5 PM 

Registration opens Sunday, October 23 at noon on the Manasota Weavers Guild *MEMBERS* page.

Last day to cancel or register is December 30th.  

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