Guild Challenge

The 2023 Guild Challenge is NOVELTY YARN ! The ‘Novelty Yarn’ you incorporate into your project may be any sort of wild, complex, coiled, blended, fuzzy… yarn you choose OR you may interpret ‘Novelty Yarn’ to be any yarn or fiber that is NEW to YOU. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun!

2022 Challenge – Any two colors with a POP of Sunshine Yellow!

Every year, MWG hosts a Challenge which is based on a common idea or inspiration that guild members then apply to create a piece that is uniquely theirs. Previous Challenges have been based on specific colors, fibers or themes, but anything the committee can dream up is fair game!

You may apply the criteria to create a piece in any fiber-related field – weaving, spinning, felting, braiding, basketry, paper, or anything else you like. Think of something new and different and go for it. It’s NOT a competition…it’s FUN!

We share our Challenge pieces at the March Guild meeting and they are then displayed on our Guild table at the Florida Tropical Weavers Guild (FTWG) annual conference.